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Having difficulty making repayments?

The first week/month you miss a loan repayment, your account falls into arrears. If it remains in arrears for three weeks or more, our Credit Control Department will contact you by letter or phone.

If you simply find that it is inconvenient or difficult to get in to the office to make a regular payment, we offer a standing order facility. This allows you to instruct your bank to make regular weekly or monthly payments directly from your bank account. Many of our members find this a convenient and easy way to keep on top of their payments as it is done automatically without the hassle of coming into the office during opening hours. If you feel that this is something you would be interested in setting up, please contact the credit control team and they will be happy to arrange this for you.

If you find yourself in financial difficulty and unable to meet your credit union loan repayments, you need to contact us to make an appointment to discuss your account with the credit control officer. We can only help you if you communicate with us.

Causeway Credit Union Limited understands that members can find themselves in financial difficulties. We are here to help you to manage your repayments, and understand that you can fall into arrears through no fault of you own, if for example you have:

  • lost your job,

  • become separated,

  • become ill or incapacitated,

  • are on a low income,

  • suffered a bereavement, or

  • find yourself over-indebted

Our Credit Control staff will :

  • meet with you in private to discuss your overall situation,

  • help you to write a realistic budget, if you wish,

  • agree a temporary arrangement until you have overcome your issue.

If you find yourself in debt:

  • Don’t panic;

  • Do not ignore the problem -- it will not go away;

  • Take immediate action; and

  • Contact our Credit Control department today to arrange an appointment and start the process of getting back on your feet!